2001 Prius Cruise Control


Prius One and Prius Two

We love our Prius. Actually, we love our Priuses... Prii? Priusus? Whatever. We own two of these wonderful vehicles; but, they didn't have cruise control.

Inspired by Alex Karahalios' write up on egroups about installing cruise control we decided to do it ourselves. While Alex ordered the $600 cruise control steering wheel assembly, we decided to just order the $120 switch and modify the existing steering wheel to accommodate it. We've done it twice now, and the second time we put together this web documentary on how we did it.

If you choose to follow in our footsteps, please pay close attention to these points:

And just to make sure that we are absolutely clear:

We aimed this write up at people who have average do-it-yourself skills. We included helpful hints that might be obvious to the more experienced mechanic. We also tried to use only commonly available tools. There are some cases where a less common tool like a drill-press would have been easier (and was available to us), but we did the job without it so we could be sure it could be done. If you have access to more appropriate tools, by all means use 'em. Lastly, we took lots pictures. You can click on most of the smaller images to get a full-page version.

So if you're ready to cruise, read on...

John, Kelly & Mark


John Horigan did much of the labor on the second car we did
Kelly O'Brien did the conversion on the first car and refined most of the techniques
Mark Lentczner took lots of pictures and created this web site

March 27th:
Thanks to the many who sent suggestions in the last two weeks. In response we've made the following changes:


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