Periodic Table of the Operators


2009 Update: Please head on over to the completely revised chart. The chart shown below is the original from 2004. The newer one is far more up-to-date with the language design, and much nicer, IMHO...

Awhile back, I saw Larry Wall give a short talk about the current design of Perl 6. At some point he put up a list of all the operators - well over a hundred of them! I had a sudden inspiration, but it took a few months to get around to drawing it...

Available as a 156k PDF File: PeriodicTable.pdf

The sources are primarily Michael Lazzaro's "Perl Operator List, TAKE 6", Larry Wall's Apocalypse 3: Operators and Luke Palmer's Synopsis 3: Summary of Perl 6 Operators. I had to guess a bit at the precedence levels, and choose to leave out some of the "maybe" operators. The classification scheme is wholly my invention and fancy. I will be happy to update this chart from time to time as Perl 6 takes form.


May 28th: Released the Second Edition which I think brings it up to date with all current thinking.

You can now buy a print of the poster via cafepress.