I love to write software that is clear, useful and beautiful. Great software should proceed from clarity of thought and vision, fulfill the user's needs, and conjure a sense of beauty and respect.

Over the years I have created this kind of software many times, individually, as part of a team, and most often by leading a team.


via e-mail: markl (at) glyphic (dot) com

via phone: 650/533-6656

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2002-2010: Recent Projects

Second Life

2005-10 · Software

I was Sr. Systems Architect at Linden Lab building the virtual world Second Life. I was responsible for guiding technical product design and architecture, both within engineering and with the corporate leadership. I was also the technical leader of Linden's interoperability efforts, and the architect of the Virtual World Region/Agent Protocol.

Note: My corporate "avatar" was named Zero Linden, and much of my writing on my work can be found under that name.

Skills: C++, Python, Large System Architecture involving REST and Capability based systems, Standards, Technical Management, Organizational Growth, Corporate Technical Strategy.


2002-5 · Software

Wheat is an experimental programming language and environment for web and internet programming. Principal designer and implementor.

Skills: C++, Language Design, Web Application Framerworks, Server Programming, Open Source Managment


Context Free

2005-8 · Software, Book

Context Free is computer generated image environment. Ported to both Macintosh OS X, Windows with full graphic user interfaces. Ported to Posix/Unix with command line interface.

Community of Variation is book of 64 works by 29 artists who use Context Free. I am the editor, author, book designer, and publisher.

Skills: C++, STL, Cocoa, Objective C, MFC, Posix, Graphic Rendering, Web Site Design



2004 · Standard

Co-authored the SPF standard, an developing anti-spam effort. Worked with standards bodies, corporations, and community groups to develop and promote the standard.

Skills: Standards, IETF, SMTP, RFC822

Periodic Table

2004/9 · Graphic

Periodic Table of the Operators is a parody of Mendeleev's Periodic Table of the Elements. It expresses the well over a hundred operators proposed for Perl 6.

Skills: Graphic Design, Language Design, Graphic Publishing



2004 · Software

Spirex is a 3D screen saver for Windows and Macintosh OS X originally by John Horigan. Ported to Macintosh, worked on factoring common code.

Skills: C++, OpenGL, Cocoa, Objective C, Web Site Design



2003 · Web Software

SMS ISQ is an web based, pre-instruction workbook for people taking Situation Management Systems' Positive Power and Influence training program. The web version replaces what has been over 50 pages of workbook material in a self-guided web site.

Skills: PHP, SQL, HTML, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, E-Mail



Contributed to several open source projects: ptypes, ANTLR, OSXvnc, Chicken of the VNC, and Wakka (now defunct).

Skills: C, C++, Library Design, Pareser Generators, UNICODE, IP Networking, Wiki

Web Design


Created several small web sites for a number of purposes, private and public. Examples include Sunnyvale Go Club and

Skills: XHTML, CSS, Graphic Design, PHP, SQL, Apache, WebDAV



Maintain an internet server in a co-location facility in Fremont. Server hosts over a dozen domains supporting DNS, web access and mail. Several domains support dynamic content using Perl, PHP and MySQL.

Skills: Linux Administration, Postfix, Apache, WebDAV, DNS, Source Code Control, Logging

1992-2002: Glyphic Technology



Glyphic was a software design consulting company. Managed and grew business from one employee to ten. Dealt with all aspects of the business including planning, getting new business, project management and engineering.


Below is a list of some corporate projects during this period. The tasks listed and skill shown are those that I performed, not the team as a whole.



Design of new cross-platform graphic user interface to existing product. Detailed investigative design process, project team management, implementation.

Skills: Interface Design, C++, Qt, Project Management


Redesign and implement system level sub-systems for client's mobile Internet browser: text entry, memory manager, and persistent storage architecture. Created performance analysis of existing architectures, designed and implemented new architectures.

Skills: Embedded C, System Architecture, Project Management

a chip mfgr.


The investigation and design of a fast and memory efficient Java virtual machine for a chip manufacturer. The project involves analysis of Java execution and garbage collection and using that analysis build an efficient Java implementation on the client's hardware.

Skills: Embedded C, System Architecture, Project Management

Unwired Planet


Participated in the WAP standards definition effort with a particular emphasis on scripting language design.

Skills: Embedded C, System Architecture, Project Management

Unwired Planet


The design and prototyping of client's first Internet browser for cellular phones. Assisted in the design of client's markup language, HDML 1.0 and later 2.0, and created first applications for cellular phones using this technology. Later, design and implementation of a compact version of the browser with new over-the-air protocols.

Skills: Embedded C, System Architecture, Project Management



The design, prototyping and implementation of one of the first web sites that allows people on the Internet to send text-based messages to cell phones. The project involved web site design, user-interface design, and data communications with the client's cell phone infrastructure. The project made use of Glyphic's SMSKit, a library for managing SMS messages and interacting with SMS servers via SMPP.

Skills: Language Design, Network Protocol Design, Embedded C



The design and implementation of the application PhotoBadge. The project involved developing the feature set, designing the user interface, and implementing on both Macintosh and Windows platforms for simultaneous release.

Skills: Interactive Web Design



Glyphic was founded with the goal of creating a new programming language and environment. Primary design vision. Implementor and designer of language and libraries. Marketed the product and work on major contract to produce the system for EO.


Apple Computer


Assisted in the Design and Development of Interactive Essays. This project of Alan Kay's group created web-based essays that people can directly interact with to learn about various topics. The project made use of Glyphic's Codeworks development environment and Glyphic Script programming language.

Skills: Interactive Web Design



Ported client's product, Ghostscript, to the Macintosh. Ghostscript is an implementation of the PostScript language. The project involved porting a large software product, creating a user interface, and user documentation. Ran the public beta-test of the project.

Skills: C, Macintosh, User Interface Design



Ported Glyphic Script to the PenPoint platform. The port include extensive integration with the host operating system, and customization to match the PenPoint's user interface.

Skills: C, Macintosh, User Interface Design



The design and implementation of Glyphic Script, Glyphic's object oriented programming language and Codeworks a direct manipulation development environment.

Skills: C, Macintosh, User Interface Design

1980-1991: Education & Employment

Go Corporation


Member of the team that implemented the application framework for the PenPoint operating system. Designed and implemented cross-application find and replace framework. Redesigned and implemented message dispatch and method lookup mechanism for entire system.

Skills: C, Object Oriented Design, Virtual Machine Implementation, Framework Design

OpCode Systems


Director of Research and Development. Responsible for managing a team of ten engineers that developed, tested and supported for OpCode's line of music software and hardware. Developed product requirements and features, project management, managed customer support.

Skills: Group and Project Management

Apple Computer


Manager of Apple's Sound Research Group, and then later the Music Products Group. Developed corporate wide sound and music strategies working closely with marketing. Led engineering team that designed and implemented the MIDI Manager for Macintosh OS, built a sound research lab, and conducted research into hardware and software for sound and music. Was the first manager of the Operating Systems Research group, part of which went on to produce System 7.

Skills: Group and Project Management, Strategic Planning, Research, Assembler, Pascal, Kernel Programming

Apple Computer


Founded Apple's Sound Research Group. Designed and implemented the Sound Manager for Macintosh OS. Designed, lobbied for, and worked on many additions to the Macintosh II platform for sound, including working on the Apple Sound Chip.

Skills: Assembler, Audio Processing, Microcode, Kernel Programming, Evangelism

Apple Computer


Worked on the Apple Smalltalk implementation and integration with Macintosh OS and the MacApp application framework.

Skills: Smalltalk, Assembler, Macintosh Internals, Virtual Machine Implementation, Language Extension

Harvard University


Bachelor of the Arts in Applied Mathematics as Applied to Music. Undergraduate thesis was the design of a programming language for music composition, advised by Prof. Thomas E. Cheatham and the composer Ivan Tcherepnin. Graduated Magna cum Laude.