Periodic Table of the Operators

Gee, this would look great on my wall / cubicle / software-startup-garage...

I've uploaded very high resolution versions to two print-on demand websites so you can buy a high-quality print of this chart easily. Here are the options:

Fine Art Prints Poster Prints
mySoti redbubble

MySoti prints on incredibly lush, thick 315gsm, quality, fine-art paper and the results are truly top notch. Don't be fooled that they call these "poster" prints: They are the kind of quality you could frame and hang in a gallery. They hand print and ship from England, so this option takes a bit longer.

RedBubble makes poster prints on medium-heavy, matte polymer stock that's actually water-proof. You could hang these as is in your cubicle. They can optionally mount or frame them for you, too. Although they are based in Australia, they use a network of printers 'round the world.

A3 Print: US$36 incl. S/H
Sizes available: A4 thru A1
A2 Poster: US$25 + S/H
Sizes available: A2 thru A0
Purchase at MySoti Purchase at redBubble

Paper sizes:

A4210 mm × 297 mm8¼ in × 11¾ inLarge*
A3297 mm × 420 mm11¾ in × 16½ inJumbo
A2420 mm × 594 mm16½ in × 23⅜ inGiant
A1594 mm × 841 mm23⅜ in × 33⅛ inColossal
A0841 mm × 1189 mm33⅛ in × 46¾ inMammoth

*Olive sizes. Seamore likes olives. Who is Seamore? Funny you should ask: He's our little sea-serpent friend, down in the corner there. Click on him...