Extreme Cooking?


Subject: Extreme cooking

I saw this subject in a mailing list and got all excited: Pair cooking? Two cooks, one with the whisk and wooden spoon, the other with a tasting finger? A set of food requirement stories to manage and guide the cooking? And what would refactoring a meal mean?

Actually, the closest I've ever seen to this sort of "extreme cooking" is the wonderful magazine Cook's Illustrated, where they take a subject, like apple pie, and then make it thirty different ways with small variations to find out which ratios and temperatures are best. And they do serious tests of cooking equipment: Is the casserole really better than the one? And they take no ads!

Alas, the mailing list post was asking questions about the other kind of extreme: super high temperatures, cooking in a vacuum, high speed whipping, etc... This stuff doesn't seem nearly as practical to me. Whereas applying the ideas of extreme programming to cooking seems like fertile ground.

Now, can I be the unit test for brownies, please?

- Mark