Holiday Baking Round Up


We baked a whole lot this holiday season. Here's what we made:

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Not Just Me


Guess I'm not the only one who thinks that software patents are broken and harmful to innovation.

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Software Patents are Broken


If there has ever been evidence that software patents, at least as practiced in the United States, are broken, this is it: Today, the US Patent Office published Microsoft's patent application 0040181571:

Reducing unwanted and unsolicited electronic messages by preventing connection hijacking and domain spoofing

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Global Wow


It is possible to get obscure products from far away places quickly and easily!

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Extreme Cooking?


Subject: Extreme cooking

I saw this subject in a mailing list and got all excited: Pair cooking? Two cooks, one with the whisk and wooden spoon, the other with a tasting finger? A set of food requirement stories to manage and guide the cooking? And what would refactoring a meal mean?

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