Setting the Dessert on Fire... Twice


We had friends over for a Christmas/Chanukah dinner: John made a wonderful baked ziti, and we had Roman carrots and salad. After eating too much, it was then time for dessert. I made a farina pie (my great aunt Anna's recipe) and a jam tart for the kids. Our friends brought an apple crisp and ice cream.

The apple crisp was just done baking and it was suggested that we put it under the broiler to brown... But, toddlers and broilers don't mix. While watching the kids play and keeping the mayhem to a dull roar, we sort of forgot the apple crisp. When John asked me to check on it, I found it in flames!

We got the fire out by throwing a wet dish towel on it. We opened the windows and doors, etc. Figuring it was better contained in the oven, we put the smoking mess back in and closed the door. Only no one seemed to remember to turn the broiler off... So, a few minutes later, we discovered the apple crisp in flames again. This time, I took it outside and poured water all over it.

Fortunately, farina pie and ice cream are filling.