Context Free


Context Free 1.0 is out!

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Reverse VNC for Mac OS X


I've implemented the "reverse connect" features for the Mac OS X VNC server and client programs. If you don't know what VNC is, go read about it here, then come back here if you use Mac OS X.

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Periodic Table of the Operators


Awhile back, I saw Larry Wall give a short talk about the current design of Perl 6. At some point he put up a list of all the operators - well over a hundred of them! I had a sudden inspiration, but it took a few months to get around to drawing it...

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Parsing, Programming and Protocols


Someone on the Antlr mailing list was trying to parse IMAP responses with a grammar. During that discussion, this insight on programming languages vs. protocols occurred to me:

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Mac OS X Custom Dates Gone Bad...


Seems John Gruber over at Daring Fireball had a bizarre problem with his Energy Saver Prefs Panel that he traced to a custom date format setting. here is my own similar tale:

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SPF + Postfix Stats Script


Of interest to system administrators of Postfix based mail sites:

If you're protecting your mail from spam using SPF, here's a script for generating statistics. If you're not, check out SPF.

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XML Misconceptions


I'm involved in a standards project that has a small BNF syntax for representing its data in a simple textual form. Recently, it was suggested that we switch to an XML based format. I could not believe the storm that hit the project's mailing list.

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Spirex Release


John and I spent much of the winter holiday working on his screen saver Spirex. He improved it in a myriad of little ways and I ported it to Mac OS X.

If mesmerizing swirly 2D and 3D images are your thing, then this screen saver is for you. Our two year old loves it!

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